Trigger Town

The strategy of the Become An EX campaign is to change perceptions about quitting smoking. The aim is to help people reflect on when and why they smoke so they can re-learn their life without cigarettes. The Trigger Town micro site educates smokers about the most common triggers that cause people to reach for a cigarette, and does it in a unique, fun and engaging way. Users simply poke Brain Dude’s brain and watch as triggers take over his life. Once users have learned about triggers, they’re encouraged to visit, where they can create a personalized quit plan that starts with helping them recognize their own smoking triggers.

The goal was to have visitors to Trigger Town click through to From 8/11 to 10/1, 2008, Trigger Town was the number ten traffic driver to out of over 1200 traffic drivers. Of the visitors to Trigger Town, 3.7% clicked through to 5.95% of these visits resulted in registration to

2009 Austin ADDY Silver
2009 Region 10 ADDY Gold