Project Supercar Mobile


From the agency press release:

In its latest mobile execution (, the U.S. Air Force and its advertising partner GSD&M have launched a mobile site as part of the Air Force’s “Project Supercar” mobile tour. As the next evolution of the experiential effort that originally brought together the Air Force and Mad Mike at Galpin Auto Sports and famed MTV show “Pimp My Ride” in 2009, the new mobile site is a digital environment, which encourages exploration of the Vapor and X1 supercars and crews, and drives users to to check out career information. The site also features technical aspects like accelerometer-based home page navigation, an app-like experience within a mobile browser, cross-device compatibility via browser-based solution, in-depth videos and photos about each car and their “making of,” and an event locator which uses the mobile device’s GPS capabilities.

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