Life in the Air Force

Lifestyle 2Potential recruits have lots of questions about what life in the Air Force is like. Truth be told, life in the Air Force is just as varied and full as life anywhere else. And whether you live on base or off you’ll have most, if not all or more, of the opportunities and amenities you’d have if you worked for a bank. This site allows visitors to explore a “base” and find out what they’re in for if they decide to enlist.

From Communication Arts Interactive Annual 2012:

“The Air Force has opened itself to the millennial generation by employing a fresh and interesting recruiting vehicle disguised in a contemporary presentation.” —Michael Potts, VP for Network and New Media Design Turner Sports

“This piece stands apart from other day-in-the-life experiences by elegantly combining temporal and spatial exploration through the timeline. The result is a richly layered narrative that provides breadth, in the sense of place, and in-depth detail about life on a base.”
—David Wright, Lead Interactive Designer NPR

2012 Communication Arts Interactive Annual
2012 Webby Awards Honoree