Basic Military Training

Our goal was to not only show potential recruits the true challenge of Basic Military Training, but to tell the story of Basic Military Training—how it’s a transformative, energizing experience that gives trainees a sense of accomplishment like nothing else they’ve ever done. When trainees enter Basic Military Training they are raw, scared, and clueless, but when they come out they are strong, focused, and they know they can accomplish any goal and overcome any obstacle. Every viewer should leave the site with the idea that Basic Military Training is hard, but at the same time they should be inspired by what they could learn and accomplish.

From Communication Arts Interactive Annual 2010:

“This immersive site made the basic training experience very real; at the same time, it ‘sold’ the Air Force experience. The use of documentary-style footage and extensive detail about the program presented a compelling picture.” —Ingrid Bernstein, Digital Strategy Director at JWT NY

“Who knew that exploring the option of joining the military would feel like watching a great documentary? The site utilizes media in a refreshing but authentic manner: The week-by-week anecdotes, interviews, cinematography and bold navigation really draw people in and, interestingly, shed a more human light on the armed services.” —Hilary Read, Vice President of Creative at EWI Worldwide

2010 Communication Arts Interactive Annual
2010 Webby Honoree
2010 Austin ADDYs Gold
2010 District 10 ADDYs Gold